About Us and Our Beatles Tribute Song


Written by Marc-Alan Barnette (MAB) and Paul Fitz-Patrick.
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Photo Marc-Alan Barnette

Marc-Alan Barnette has been a veteran of the “trenches” of Nashville since 1984

Paul Fitz-Patrick Photo

Paul Fitz-Patrick has been writing songs since 1974

September 2008
I decided to go to Nashville Tennessee to attend Songposium and a Song Camp put on by NSAI (Nashville Songwriters Association International). Part of the NSAI website (to which I subscribe religiously) has a catalog of past seminars which are conducted every month by professional songwriters. One was given by MAB where he talked about his “Write Up” sessions. I decided to do one with him and this song is the result of that session (plus a lot of rewriting afterwards). What a great experience – Thanks Marc-Alan!

Here is part of the entry in my diary.

29 Sept 2008 – Marc-Alan and I did a “Write Up” session …. at Sharp Objects (songplugger). Around 3 hours.

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Ultimately I would love to see the song sung by many artists singing a line or so each.